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How to Choose Chemical Free Furnishings to Protect Your Air Quality?


Chemical free, is always a topic that evolve around our life recently. The important of using chemical free product is not only can make sure we have a quality and healthier life, but it can also protect the environment. However, most of the products we used are still full of chemicals, and due to the chemical free products is more expensive to get, plus it is harder to find, which might not available in every local store. So today what we are offering in this article is a tip, reminder and encourage of choosing the right product as your furnishing, as to protect your indoor air quality.

The Lifecycle of the Goods

Before you decided to purchase any products, it is recommended that you need to know a few things first. Here are the questions to ask:

1) Where was it made?
– The place where the products was made is very important, as transporting the product will greatly increase the carbon footprint of the item. Beside than the place, some manufacturers might employed child labors and other human rights violation involve between the manufacturing of the products. If the product was made in a place where it is highly polluted, the item itself can be hazardous to your health.
2) How long the good last?
– People likes to buy cheaper items as the alternative to their daily life. They didn’t realize that something buying cheaper goods can cost you more in the long run, because cheaper good doesn’t have the quality as some expensive good. Poor craftsmanship and material quality can greatly reduce the lifespan of the furniture.
3) Is the product reusable/recyclable?
– Clothes, metal, solid wood are items that can be reusable. Chipboard and foam products can only use once, so they are not reusable item. The product in this age won’t last long, so it is one one the important factor to go with before you choose to buy a particular product. It will help relieve some of the burden on both our natural resources and landfills.

Below is some the tips of how to choose a chemical free furniture to keep your indoor air at the healthy level.


a)Bedroom Furniture
– Newer materials often contain formaldehyde, which will be off-gassing into your home for years. Formaldehyde in furnishings will evaporate over time, so for that reason alone, the older the better. The first few years are the worst for off-gassing.

– If you find a fabric that you can prep your dinner on and it won’t stain, that means it contains a cocktail of nasty chemicals. Keep in mind when you are shopping, that darker colours show less stains.

-Natural carpets are available, though they can be a little pricey. The healthiest carpets will be natural fibres like sisal, wool or sea grasses. Wool carpeting is quite durable and completely non-toxic, super comfortable, if a little pricey. Sisal rugs are another excellent green carpet choice, as they are also very durable, and quite affordable.

d)Mattresses and bedding
-A standard mattress can contain and release many toxins, found in the glues, foams, pesticides, fire-retardants and chemicals that prevent staining. And like so many products throughout our homes, they will be heavily laden with formaldehyde.

The ideal ‘healthy’ mattress would be 100% natural materials like wool, cotton, hemp or bamboo. Products labeled ‘all natural’ are not necessarily free of chemical treatments, so ask some questions when shopping.

Now you’ve learn the way of choosing the chemical free furnishing to protect your indoor air quality. Hope you can live green starting today.

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