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Garbage Enzyme


Garbage, is the daily waste that people take for granted and just throw it away. However, a person who is concerned about the environment has invented a way to utilize garbage for the benefits of the people and make garbage became useful for us. Dr. Rosukan, who has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years, had invented the Garbage Enzyme. According to her, if we can make use of garbage and turn it into something useful, we can ease global warming.



What is Garbage Enzyme?

Garbage Enyzme, is an organic solution produced by the simple fermentation of fresh vegetable waste, brown sugar and water. The combination of these three fermentation will create natural chains of proteins, mineral salts and enzymes. The end product will make it a wonderful cleaning aid, which has the capacity to breakdown, change, create and catalyze.

Why Garbage Enzyme are so important?

1) Reduce pollution
2) Act as good cleaning substance
3) Act as Commercial Fertilizer
4) Save more money
5) Reduce the use of space
6) Turn garbage into something useful
7) Save the Earth from global warming in long term

The example uses of Garbage Enzyme

1) As air purifier – The Ozone produced in the production of Garbage Enzyme increases oxygen levels in the air, and kill air – borne bacteria. It can also removes the odours in the air.
2) Clean the toilet, kitchen and house – Just 2 tablespoons of garbage enzyme in a bucket of water as you mop will clean the floor and kill bacteria. It will also kills harmful microorganisms, break heavy stains, freshens the air, and keeps ants and roaches away. Besides, it can effectively clean most stubborn kitchen stains. If you pour it into the sink and let it overnight, it will keep your drains running freely.
3) Cloth cleaner – Garbage Enzyme acts like detergent too. Pre-soaking your laundry with Garbage Enzyme will make your laundry detergent work better.
4) Pet care – Garbage Enzyme can also make your pet smell free.
5) Car Care – Drop some Garbage Enzyme in your car radiator water will keep it running smoother and cooler.
6) Garden care – Mixed water with some diluted enzyme will help plants grow healthier and reduce pest attacks.


How to Make Garbage Enzyme

Material 1: Never use white sugar. Black , brown or any raw unprocessed sugar will do .
Material 2: Any kitchen waste or fruit skins
Material 3: Water

  • Add 300g of sugar +900g of fruit skins + 3000g (ml) water and mix will in a plastic bottle. Then cap it tightly.
  • Keep the mixture in a cool dry place at room temperature.
  • Open the cap once a day for the first month to release the gas formed during the fermentation process. Remember to recap it tightly.
  • For the second and third month, the gas only needs to be release occasionally.
  • Fermentation process will take place in the bottles for 3 months.
  • After removal of the residue, only garbage enzyme is obtained.



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