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DIY Home With Reusable Materials


The decoration of the house can be costly if we buy all the material from the furniture shop. The idea here is to make use of reusable materials to make your home look more comfortable, and save money in the same time. Below is some of the example of reusable materials that you can use to decorate your house.

1) Doors02c8abaf91888cca4f9f42af0e570e3d

Here, we are not talking about the exterior door, because the exterior door might be broken in certain parts due to rain/ant attacks. So we are looking at the interior doors that still look nice. The old doors contain heavy lead, so professional sandblasting is ideal to remove all the old paint in the safe way. It’s much easier if you purchase any reclaimed doors before you design and construct rough openings, older doors tend to be of widely varying sizes. Out of commission barn doors can contribute greatly to an atmosphere while also being practical, used as a door or table they can standout as strong accent piece in your house.

2) Recycled concrete for foundations and slab floors

Concrete production is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions; buying concrete with a percentage of recycled content will protect the atmosphere from further damage.

3) Cabinetry and Fixtureshome-decor-antique-furniture-used-small-wooden

We can easily find some pretty funky looking older lighting fixtures and great looking cabinets, but be sure to avoid plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures are probably best purchased new to ensure its high efficiency.

4) Decor

There are endless of possibilities about the old decor, from wine racks, to light fixtures to coffee tables, as long as it still looking good, we can use it to decorate our house.

5) Finishing boards

Old baseboards can be very easily reused and save a bunch of money. Sanding, caulking and paint can bring them back good as new.

6) Old windowsmultiple pics

Same theory as the old door, old windows can be great for sheds and greenhouses but are best not used in exterior walls of homes, for a number of reasons. Older windows might not have had the best performance. They will have a reduced lifespan, so you may find yourself needing to change them sooner than you’d like.

Money invested in high performance windows is money you will likely recoup in savings. However, building a seasonal out building or greenhouse from recycled windows is not only doable, but a great second life for a resource that otherwise might not be used.

7) Bricks and masonry82e3bc9e07a61d45d1bb7ada2eaae7db

Putting materials with high thermal mass in the path of the sun will absorb heat and help regulate home temperatures. If you are looking for a cheaper and healthier way to cool down your home, used bricks and masonry could be a wise choice.

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