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Eco Dress Making Competition 2016

The official announcement for the list of winners in the recent 2016 KAGC Green Fashion: Eco-Dress Making Competition are as follow:

Overall champion: OLIVIA (DGTM)

1st runner up: ROSALELA (DHTM 2)

2nd runner up: TARA (DHTM 1)



On 12th of November 2016, KAGC had their graduation day simultaneously with KAGC Green Fashion Eco Dress Competition. These two events were conducted on the same day so that the Green Fashion would be an added bonus for the participants and visitors the graduation ceremony. The reason behind organizing the Eco Dress competition was to provide a platform to spread environmental awareness and spark the spirit of team work among all the students in the study programmes which are DGTM, DHTM, SKM and English course.

The competition aimed at promoting the concept of basic 5Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Redesign and Restore which subsequently raising the awareness on the importance of maintaining environmental sustainability and creating an opportunity for creative individuals and groups to develop as well as to showcase their Green ideas and creativity through the Eco Dress competition. The competition carried a maximum prize of hampers worth RM500 and certificates for all participants. All completed works were displayed on the KAGC graduation ceremony day. Before the competition, some basic judging criterias were laid out for to students to follow while making their dresses which would be:

  1. Environmental message in their design – visual display and clarity of information
  2. Quality of the eco-design as in the creativity and innovation where the techniques, materials and craftsmanship were taken into consideration.

Therefore after two weeks of preparing the mannequins, on the 4th of November, at 4pm, the deadline to submit the mannequins was over and all the groups were successful in meeting their deadline.

Only two groups of students were allowed to have two mannequins at their disposal – YPM/SKM and DHTM students as there were more participants from those two groups. The students used recycled materials ranging from plastic bags, used paper, plastic bottles, scraps of old fabrics, wires, metal and anything that is meant to be thrown away. Students also added accessories made of recycled materials for decoration purposes. Since the rule dictated that no assistance from third parties were allowed, students really had a tough time to perform the task at the beginning but after a lot of brainstorming and a lot of trials and errors, the y managed to finish the task at hand. Students had to provide a specific name for their designs such as the inspiration, types and sources of materials used on a separate piece of paper before the deadline.

On the day of judging the best mannequin as the winner, judges from different departments were chosen to give their opinions and select the winner, runner up, second place and the consolation prize. The school of Hospitality and Tourism Management emerged as the winner for the competition and the School of Green Tech Management was declared the second winner while SKM students won the consolation prize. It was a very good activity for students to learn about team work, brainstorming for ideas and most importantly the chance to do something about the environment by using recycled materials for the purpose of life. Hopefully they have learned a lot in this activity and will continue to contribute to the environment by supporting the 5Rs concept in their lives and to teach others to do the same.

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