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Throughout the world, it is becoming more and more evident that the educator needs educating. It is not a question of educating the child, but rather the educator, for he needs it much more than the student. After all, the student is like a tender plant that needs guiding, helping; but if the helper is himself incapable, narrow, bigoted, nationalistic and all the rest of it, naturally his product will be what he is. So, it seems to me that the important thing is not so much the technique of what to teach, but the intelligence of the educator himself.

Throughout the world, education has failed, because it has produced the two most colossal and destructive wars in history. Since it has failed, merely to substitute one system for another seems to me to be utterly futile. But if there is a possibility of changing the thought, the feeling, the attitude of the teacher, then perhaps there can be a new culture, a new civilization. In the midst of all this chaos, misery, confusion, and strife, surely the responsibility of the teacher-whether he is a government employee, a religious teacher, or a teacher of mere information-is extraordinarily great.

On March 8, 2017, Eco Club Malaysia (ECM) decided to educate the school teachers within the Hulu Langat district on the idea of sustainability as well as green technology. Held in the meeting room of SMK JalanTiga situated in Bangi, the Green Technology Seminar hosted more than 70 teachers from over 30 different schools.

Also present at the seminar were ECM’s chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Haji Yahaya Ibrahim, PPD Hulu Langat’s Officer Wan Shuib bin Wan Ahmad, and KAGC College’s CEO Madam Lily Ong.

Wan Shuib started the session by motivating and encouraging the participants that even as they continue their hard work on educating our nation’s children, they should not stop learning themselves as to keep up with the current times that is constantly changing.

The talk moved on to SMK JalanTiga’s science lab where the teachers were exposed to a practical activity to segregate wastes as to promote better lifestyle of waste management in their respective schools. Ng Chuck Chuan, Board Advisor of ECM who is conducting the practical activity explained that the concept of recycling must first come from knowing how to differentiate one waste from another – recyclables to food wastes.

Even as the teachers were exposed to the idea of green technology, Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim insisted that knowing the language in green technology is also important in the seminar in order to grasp the greater idea of what is being taught in the programme. He even highlighted his experience himself as a teacher for the participants to reflect upon – to learn from his success as well as his mistakes.

The teachers were also presented with current on-going green technology products by entrepreneurs in the green industry, where Ligiman from MutiaraAtiqah presented their revolutionary 100% recyclable food packaging products, while MindTech introduced to teachers their paperless education system, and Joharry from MARDI introduced a farming technology called Urban Kit where one can combine both aquaculture and agriculture in one place – saving both space and energy.

by Melvin Chow

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