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International Green Technology collaboration program.



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(SK Cheras Jaya – 12th April) We extend our praises to Almighty God for with His blessings, the International Green Technology Collaboration was carried on as planned with the keen participation of students and teachers alike. The event which was on the 12th April 2016 from 9am to 12pm took place at SK Cheras Jaya Selangor was arranged by Hulu Langat PPD and KAGC acted as the organizer. KAGC was established in 2011. It has evolved from its humble beginning as a Skill-Training college to a full-fledged college providing proper academic courses. Their courses are all Ministry-approved and their skill-based courses are approved by Human Resource Ministry. The role of KAGC in this program was to organize and to execute the activities meant for this program. Besides, KAGC acted as the impetus for each of the Green Tech project carried out that very day. The Green Tech program was successful carried successfully with the help of all involved. We are very thankful to the teachers, college staffs, college and school students and others who have contributed to materialize this program. Even though there were a few drawbacks in different areas, the program was a success as a whole and the festiveness was visible among those who attended the program.




This international coloration program involving other countries has given KAGC an opening to share information and experiences regarding Green Technology. Besides, this is indeed an opportunity to expose to the public about Green Technology waste management and to instill ‘love nature° mentality. This program can also educate students regarding agriculture through Green Technology and to get exposure on how to utilize food waste as fertilizer and to recycle wastes. Besides promoting Green Technology concept, this program can increase the number of clubs at schools which are different from the existing environmental clubs. As the person in charge of the program, I would like to elaborate briefly on the activities carried out on that day.




The program was initiated by Hulu Langat PPD officer, Tuan Haji Mat Jah bin Roslan. The opening ceremony speech delivered gave a brief insight to the main program — Green Technology. A performance by SK Cheras elementary students increased the merriness of the program. The certificate and souvenir awarding ceremony was also carried out to appreciate those involved in the program. Subsequently, site-visitation was carried out which included aqua phonic site, vertical garden, compost fertilizer, rabbit farm, Green house, renewable energy site and recycling bank. A photography session for the press took place in order to give more explanation so that the media could act as a medium to further promote Green Technology. Representatives from the Iranian embassy, Mr.Reza Norai and Tajik embassy, Mr.Shuhrat Odinaev have contributed to the success of the program as well as giving a testimony for the healthy relationship among the embassies in this field. After the media press, VVIPs, VIPs and the press members had treats prepared by the organizers. A group photo was taken for the organizer and KAGC college students to mark the success of the program.




Prepared by,

Nurul Atiqa Jaafar

Program Documentation Representative


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