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Fire Prevention Awareness

The staff of KAGC College and Eco Club Malaysia were exposed to the fire safety awareness seminar on April 5, 2017 on how to prevent fires in a building and what to do in case of fire emergencies as well as information on how to operate fire safety equipment.

Every year, countless people fall victim to fire accidents and such mishaps often lead to unfortunate deaths as victims to not know what to do in such events. As a result, the Malaysian Fire Brigade has such record of fire casualties every year.

The staff of KAGC and Eco Club Malaysia were informed about the different types of fire accidents, and these includes electrical, cooking fire, gas leakage as well as vehicular fire and how to make first steps to prevent, overcome and finally escape from the accident scene should it go out of control.

There are also peripherals available from modern technology to prevent such events from ever spiraling, such as fire alarms, smoke alarms and water dispensing system to contain fire accident events as well as newly developed masks for one to use when escaping through a burning building.

Vehicular fire often claimed several lives annually, and it is encouraged for one to have an emergency fire extinguisher stored within reach in the vehicle cockpit to control the situation in case of engine combustion.

While it is often encouraged to deal with the fire first hand, but it is always more important to escape should the fires become too overwhelming to be contained any longer.

By Melvin Chow

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