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From Teens to Teens

Conventional wisdom would place one’s teenage years as the most important part of one’s life cycle, as it is a time where you learn and adapt the values of the society while you embark on a journey of self-discovery. Some will call it a phase, but this is the moment when one find themselves how to align themselves with their responsibilities to the bigger society.

A night of flashing music, rock music and fashion show was made alive on the 18th February 2017 at Medan Pasar’s KL Street Jam. Helmed by NurFarella, founder of the Satirical Satin Project,hosted the Satirical Satin Fashion Show in conjunction with the KL Street Jam to showcase fashion designs made entirely from recycled clothing.

“In pursuant to the national aspiration to achieve sustainable development in Malaysia, Satirical Satin Project aspires to create a new convention and new opportunities as a solution to social issues relating to the youth to achieve youth inclusive social development,” said Farella.

Eco Club Malaysia (ECM) joined in as Satirical Satin Project’s partner with the support of KolejAntarabangsaGreencity (KAGC) with a common goal to achieve the idea of sustainability – not only in construction developments and green technology but also in various aspects of sustainable lifestyle.

The fashion show showcased designs created and designed by Star Rookies, underprivileged youths from Starelite Workshop including Imar G, Annie Q,OrienArella, and MunirYahya – who all stunned the crowd with the beauty and style of what recycled clothing could achieve.

The fashion show was also filled with music as local bands took turns to rock the city of KL, bringing forth legendary bands including LOST RADIO, Dead Mushroom, Radhi OAG, ARU the Republic, SYKO-G and REZ DA JOINT.

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