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Home Temperature Control



What is the main consideration for a comfortable home? There is a lot of ways to control your house temperature, but our main thought was the house itself must be passive solar. It have an important impact on the carbon footprint of your house as well as your quality of life.

What is meant by passive solar? A passive solar home design can easily reduce heating and cooling in your house by at least 25%. One of the main important aspect of having a passive solar is by placing your house window at the strategic position. This is because wind is the main source of cooling factor, as well as getting fresh air into the house.

Beyond taking advantage of the sun and wind, modern well-sealed homes require mechanical ventilation systems as well, and of course a heat source. How ‘clean’ of the heat it is largely depends on its source, and if the grid is fed in your region predominantly by heavy polluters such as coal.


Beside than the house’s design, the environment that you live with also have big impact on your home temperature. The ecological impact of electric heat can be lower in places where the grid is predominantly fed by hydroelectric projects or other renewable sources. Even though hydroelectric dams are incredibly destructive during construction, but once finished they are definitely renewable, though still a source of greenhouse gas emissions due to the release of methane. The ecological impact of heating with biomass fuel (trees, grass, seeds, waste timber) varies depending on the material used, its source, and how efficiently it is burned. Fossil fuels are the most common global energy source, for all things including heating. They are a major source of pollution during extraction as well as combustion, and we are quickly running out.

At last, know you know how you can control your home temperature without depending much on the air conditioner. Remember to make some research about the house design and the surrounding project before you decided to move in.


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