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IRIS Auto Pot


IRIS AutoPot System is an efficient and environmentally-friendly technology based on SmartValves that feed plants on-demand. The system allows for sustainable and consistent crop cultivation which is independent of soil conditions. Fed with nutrient-rich water, crops are protected from soil borne diseases and are kept healthy without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our range of AutoPot components support a variety of crops, from germination onwards. They are also modular and scalable from small specialized nurseries to large commercial farms.By combining AutoPot Systems with aquaponics, IRIS has created integrated farms that produce a variety of crops and livestock, with minimal resource use and wastage. Such integrated farms demonstrate the value of technology towards efficient and sustainable systems that reduce operating costs while minimizing environmental risks.


Farming originated independently in different parts of the world as hunter gatherer societies transitioned to food production rather than food capture. It may have started about 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock in the Fertile Crescent in western Asia, soon to be followed by the cultivation of crops. Modern units tend to specialise in the crops or livestock best suited to the region, with their finished products being sold for the retail market or for further processing, with farm products being traded around the world.

Farming is an agricultural process specialised units such as arable farms, vegetable farms, fruit farms, dairy, pig and poultry farms, and land used for the production of natural fibres, biofuel and other commodities. It includes ranches, feedlots, orchards, plantations and estates, smallholdings and hobby farms, and includes the farmhouse and agricultural buildings as well as the land. In modern times the term has been extended so as to include such industrial operations as wind farms and fish farms, both of which can operate on land or sea.


Benefits for commercial farming

  1. Water conservation. The cost of purification or supply of good quality water is one that increases as time goes by. The Autopot System is the most water efficient system available.
  2. Avoidance of recycling costs. Particularly where legal or financial constraints dictate the elimination of pollution by run off or the cost of water supply is high, the Autopot Systems shines. No capital cost for pumps, ponds, disposal and treatment. No running costs in fuel or power for pumping.
  3. Avoiding overhead watering problems. Plants that need sub-irrigating to avoid damage to flower or foliage love the Autopot Systems.

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IRIS Food & Agro is a division of
IRIS Corporation Berhad, Malaysia

Address: Iris corporation, technology park malaysia, bukit jalil, kuala lumpur 57000

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