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DIY Bike Generator

DIY Bike Generator

What is DIY Bike Generator?

In this century, Green Technology seem to be one of the top trending technology, which created many new breakthroughs to creating a Green Earth’s atmosphere. One of the amazing Green Technology is DIY Bike Generator, where the device can utilize the kinetic energy of motion of the tires, turns it into electricity, and the stored energy will be used to charge the portable device, like iPod and handphone in a very green method.

How to Assemble Bike Generator?

Materials required:

a)Bicycle Stand
b)Bicycle Frame with Back Wheel
c)12V Lead Acid Battery
d)DC-AC Inverter
e)DC-DC Battery Charger
f)24V DC Scooter Motor
g)Fan Belt
h)Fan Belt Pulley
i)Wires, Screws, Wood, and a Metal Rod

  1. Bike system will be attached to a 2′ x 6′ piece of plywood. The back wheel of the system will be stabilize using a bike stand. For the front wheel, a one inch dowel is used to rest on the fork that have 1 cm diameter hole.
  2. Then, a 1.5″ x 3″ wooden beam was cut it into two 9.5″ and two 4.5″ blocks.
  3. A 1cm hole 1/2″ was drilled down from the top of each of the 9″ blocks. Metal rod was put through the blocks and the stand was assembled. Washers and nuts is added to make sure the connections is more secure.
  4. Next, two 4.5″ blocks should be cut to fit tightly between the 9″ blocks. After the bike stand was built, the front wheel should sit snugly on the blocks. Next, we screwed the lower 4.5″ block down to the plywood.
  5. Finally, the upper 4.5″ block was attached for stability. Now the bike stand for the front wheel is fully assembled and should sit on the rod between the blocks.





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