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SK Chembong, in Rembau Negeri Sembilan, is a primary school specializing in special education. To mold the students into whole individuals, besides teaching them the conventional subjects, teachers also wanted to educate them on financial skills. The teachers noticed that the students had difficulty differentiating the coins, confusing the value and the size, which resulted in a miscalculation of their total savings.

To solve this issue, SK Chembong is launching a collaboration and consultation program with UKM in Special Educations. The programme aims to cultivate an interest of financial skills to the elementary school students. In order to help the students overcome these challenges, coin banks were created using recycled materials like tin, plastic bottles, and paper. Each recycle material represented a coin which helped the students differentiate the coins easily.

Eco Club Malaysia were given the honor to teach the students the basics of recycling and how to incorporate financial skills with it. Kevin Chan, General Manager of Eco Club, presented a slideshow on recycling in English and Malay. Over a hundred students attended the presentation which emphasized the importance of recycling, whilst also showing that it was an easy day-to-day habit that can be incorporated in any lifestyle. After the presentation, the students played a quiz game where the winner got a prize. A Q&A session involved the students, teachers, and parents to spark the eco-friendly lifestyle within the community.

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